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E-commerce Strategy

Strategy Matters! Especially when conversions are at stake. At ODN, the first step is to understand the Brand's end goal. Research and category-level data is then put to use in order to understand consumer, category, pain points, and key drivers of success.

The final wrapper comes with:

  • Application of Best Practices
  • Content Enhancements
  • Keyword Research & Recommendations
  • Audit of existing content with suggestions
  • A detailed channel-wise content strategy

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    E-commerce Content

    ‘Shop- Now Content’ ™ that delivers high conversion rates for your brand and takes you live in one go in no time, with a unique blend of data, E-Commerce expertise, and execution excellence.

    • Catalog Shoots and Videos
    • A+, Infographics
    • Animation Explainer Videos
    • 3D Imagery and Videos
    • Titles, Descriptions, FAQs
    • Listing Sheets and Enrichment

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    Marketing Creatives

    Quick-format creative content for your socially active, new-age audience.

    Fastest concept-to-output jaw-dropping delivery.

    • Creative Shoots and Videos
    • Banners, Landing Pages, Emailers
    • Reels, Social Posts, Influencer Content
    • Live-Commerce
    • AR and VR E-com experience

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    Industry Expertise

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    Fashion & Lifestyle

    Our team curates high-quality Shop-Now Content™ for leading brands across the Indian market.


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    Our team consists of highly experienced FMCG experts that guarantee smooth sailing of content.


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    ODN specializes in curating Shop-Now Content™ that urges the consumer to make a purchase.


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    Home & Kitchen

    ODN has a team of in-house experts that work closely with the brands to deliver high-quality content.



    What is A+ Content or Enhanced Brand Content?

    A+ Content, formerly known as Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), is a tool that Amazon sellers with registered brands can use to enhance product detail pages with imagery, videos, rich text, comparison charts, and more. It helps to create a more immersive shopping experience for customers and showcases the brand’s products effectively.

    Why are 360 Degree Product Viewers Important in E-commerce?

    These viewers are important in e-commerce because they can help to alleviate doubts and uncertainties about a product. By allowing customers to view a product from every angle, they can gain a better understanding of its features and appearance, leading to increased trust and conversion rates.

    What is Catalogue Listing Sheet in E-commerce?

    Catalogue listing sheet refers to the metadata associated with a product in an e-commerce platform. This includes information such as product title, description, price, category, SKU, weight, dimensions, and more. It’s crucial for proper organization and searchability of products on e-commerce platforms.

    How can a professional banner designer enhance an E-commerce website's visual appeal?

    Engaging banner designs by a skilled graphic designer capture attention, convey brand personality, and guide visitors. Expertly crafted banners can strategically highlight promotions, showcase key products, and align with the overall aesthetic, fostering a visually appealing and cohesive online shopping experience.

    Why are Composite Lifestyle Images Important in E-commerce?

     Composite lifestyle images are important in e-commerce as they allow customers to see a product as they would use it, thereby enhancing their understanding of the product and its utility. This can lead to increased trust in the product and ultimately influence purchasing decisions.

    What is Product Description Optimization in E-commerce?

    Product description optimization is the process of improving your product descriptions to make them more appealing to both customers and search engine algorithms. This involves using relevant keywords, creating compelling sales copy, and ensuring that the descriptions accurately reflect the product’s features and benefits.

    What is Catalogue Enrichment in E-commerce?

    Catalogue enrichment refers to the process of adding additional, valuable information to a product’s listing sheet. This can include things like product images, videos, customer reviews, and more. Enriched catalogues can significantly improve the customer experience and increase the likelihood of a sale.

    What role does creative graphic design play in social media marketing?

    In social media marketing, creative graphic design is pivotal for capturing the audience’s attention amidst the digital noise. Striking visuals crafted by a talented graphic design company can effectively convey brand messages, evoke emotions, and drive user engagement, enhancing the overall impact of social media campaigns.