A Focus on E-Commerce and Product Photographyusing Consumer Behaviour Statistics

A Focus on E-Commerce and Product Photography using Consumer Behaviour Statistics

Statistics play a pivotal role in marketing, serving as a valuable data reservoir for identifying market trends and assessing the effectiveness of marketing strategies. 

E-commerce statistics are invaluable for marketers, aiding in precise target market identification, effective communication channel utilization, and campaign performance analysis. These statistics also provide a basis for refining marketing programs.

The Importance of Product Photography

Product photography is a crucial marketing tool that should not be underestimated, as it is vital for promoting products. As visual beings, humans rely heavily on visual information, retaining 80% of what they see compared to 20% of what they read. 

Product images not only showcase a product’s quality and design but also provide a glimpse into the E-Commerce store, projecting transparency and trustworthiness.

Key E-Commerce Statistics for Improved Product Photography and Conversion Rates:

  • 75% of Online Shoppers Depend on Product Images:

Product returns often result from a gap between customer expectations and the received product, a gap that can be widened by inaccurate images. Smart marketers invest in professional product photography to ensure images accurately reflect the product, reducing returns and increasing customer satisfaction.

High-quality product images are essential not just for their aesthetic appeal on store pages but also for fostering a sense of community around a brand. Quality images, coupled with the use of a background remover and various layouts and angles, enhance web page conversion rates.

  •  Imagery Posts Boost Engagement on Social Media (HubSpot, 2020):

 Active social media presence enhances brand visibility and provides a direct communication channel with consumers. With 73% of marketers acknowledging the effectiveness of social media marketing, it’s crucial to invest in quality product images and engaging captions for social media posts.

  • 70% of Companies Invest in Content Marketing (HubSpot):

 Content marketing, a popular inbound strategy, is essential for attracting and converting prospects. Visual content, including images, videos, and infographics, should be engaging and compelling to draw consumers to your website and encourage purchases.

Every image in online retail tells a story. It showcases the product’s quality, appeal, and uniqueness while reflecting the brand’s identity. Marketers need to realize the importance of using engaging and authentic images to improve conversion rates.

  • 22% of Product Returns Due to Dissimilarity with Online Images:

    With 65% of returns resulting from retailer errors, it’s crucial to present accurate product images and descriptions. Professional photographers can help capture true product colors and textures, reducing the discrepancy between online images and the actual product.

  • More Product Images Enhance Sell-Through Rates:
    Quality images not only promote your brand but also foster consumer trust. The return on investment for high-quality images is amplified when accompanied by detailed and original product content, especially for high-priced items. Multiple images from different angles, along with detailed product information, encourage purchases and enhance search engine visibility, ultimately leading to informed buying decisions and fewer returns.


In E-Commerce, statistics are more than just numbers. They are crucial tools that help marketers understand online trends and consumer behaviors. 

Also, since consumers are primarily visual, they connect deeply with what they see. Product images are not just pictures; they represent the brand’s quality and authenticity, building trust and transparency with consumers.

With these insights, marketers can identify their target markets accurately, communicate effectively, and evaluate their campaign performance meticulously.

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