10 Secret Tips for maximizing sales utilizing Amazon A+ Content

10 Secret Tips for Maximizing Sales Utilizing Amazon A Plus Content

Amazon A+ content gives sellers valuable real estate to convince shoppers that their product is the best choice. This enhanced content allows the featuring of dynamic images, videos, charts, and other engaging elements to tell your product’s story compellingly.

Follow these 10 tips to create stellar Amazon A+ content that drives conversions:

  1. Balance Text and Visuals Strategically

Compelling copy and quality visuals are both crucial. Use succinct text to highlight unique selling points, while eye-catching photos show your products in the best light. About 250 words per section is ideal for readability.


  1. Bring Products to Life with Video

According to surveys, over 96% of shoppers say video is key when researching products online. Short 15-30-second demos and tutorials can showcase functionalities and build excitement better than static images alone.


  1. Highlight Details with Interactive Hotspots

Hotspot modules let customers click on different parts of a product image to reveal more details about features and specifications. They feel engaged in exploring key aspects that solve their needs. Note this is an A+ premium feature.


  1. Engage with Clickable Carousels

Carousels create interactive slideshows to display more content than static images allow. Use them to demonstrate product use cases, present color/style options, or suggest complementary purchases from your catalog. 


  1. Provide Answers with Q&A Sections

Anticipating and answering frequent customer questions builds trust and confidence when making purchasing decisions. Comprehensive responses reduce returns and other barriers to conversion.


  1. Differentiate Yourself from Competitors

Emphasize unique strengths that competitors can’t claim. Identify your product’s innovative features, superior materials, warranty perks, or other differentiators. Spotlight your unique value proposition prominently on your Amazon A Plus Content page.


  1. Maintain Scannability 

Avoid dense walls of text. Use descriptive headings, bullet points, and small paragraphs for scannability. Get straight to the point quickly. Keep key information above the fold so customers don’t have to scroll to find answers.


  1. Lead with Strong Lifestyle Visuals

High-quality photos and videos are essential. Vivid close-ups showcase details. Lifestyle images depict real-world use cases. Consider using models as studies show human faces boost conversions by up to 23 percent.


  1. Maximize Real Estate with Amazon A Plus Premium Content

While Amazon A+ sections are limited to a  thousand characters, expanding content modules using A plus premium adds images, charts, and other media seamlessly. Take advantage of this extra space for more details.


  1. Optimize Content for Mobile

With over 70% of Amazon traffic coming from mobile, optimize content for smaller screens. Use legible fonts, avoid tiny details in images, and get key information near the top. Modular layouts also display better on mobile than lengthy paragraphs. 


Bonus Tip: There are some guidelines and restrictions to follow when creating A+ Content:

  • Substantiate awards or endorsements you reference with certifying body and year.
  • Don’t include claims like “best-selling” or “top-rated” in your text or images.
  • Don’t include warranty or guarantee information in text placements.
  • Don’t include pricing, promotional, shipping details, QR codes, hyperlinks, directions to other web pages, or contact information.
  • Make sure you have all necessary rights for images, videos, and text you use


To conclude, the difference between winning the buy box or losing the sale can come down to the quality of your Amazon A plus content. Compelling copy, dynamic visuals, and interactive elements engage customers on a deeper level. Follow these tips to maximize the full potential of Amazon A Plus content page.

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