Factors That Determine E-Commerce Product Photography Pricing

Factors That Determine E-Commerce Product Photography Pricing

Are you planning an E-Commerce product photography shoot?

E-Commerce Product Pricing will depend on several key factors. But first, let’s look at why eCommerce photography is crucial for increasing your sales

Here are five statistics as food for your thought.

  1. Consumer Perception: 87% of consumers say that product photos are very important when making a purchase decision online. 
  2. Quality Over Description: 65% of consumers say that the quality of a product image is more important than the product description. 
  3. Better Images Equal More Sales: 56% of consumers say they would be more likely to buy a product from an online store if the product images were better. 
  4. Poor Images Equal Less Sales: 67% of shoppers say bad product photos make them less likely to buy from an online store. 
  5. Clear and Detailed Images: 92% of shoppers say that “clear and detailed images” are the most important features when shopping online. 

These statistics demonstrate the significant role that high-quality product photography plays in e-commerce. 

Now that we know how important is for your online store, let’s look at the factors affecting E-Commerce product photography pricing:

  1. The location of shoot – is a Major factor affecting product photography pricing. Studio shoots cost less than on-location shoots which require photographer travel fees. Assess if studio or on-site works best for your eCommerce products.
  1. Total number of product images and the total number of SKUs – More products means the photographer can set up lighting once and capture everything efficiently. Fewer products mean more tear-down and set-up time between shots. Volume impacts product photography pricing.
  1. Shots-per-product – After the initial set-up, additional angles of the same prepped product are faster to capture. More product views per item means a lower cost per image. Define all required angles upfront.
  1. Product complexity – Simple products like mugs are quicker to photograph than complex items with multiple parts like furniture. Factor in complexity when budgeting your product photography pricing.
  1. Image usage – Basic web images are easier to capture than high-resolution photos for printed catalogs. Detail intended image use so the photographer can tailor their process and product photography pricing accordingly.
  1. Product size – Bigger products need special lighting and take more time to photograph. Smaller products are faster. Size affects product photography pricing.
  1. Product weight – Heavier items require more handling care for the photographer. Expect higher product photography pricing for heavy products.
  1. Product assembly – Products requiring build-out or construction on-site will increase hands-on time and raise product photography pricing.
  1. Prop styling – Any extra props or sets needed for lifestyle product shots add to production time. Simplicity saves money with product photography pricing.
  1. Specialty shots- Macro or detail photos requiring special lenses or lighting affect product photography pricing.
  1. Shoot duration – Total photography shoot days and editing time required impact studio rental fees. Basic editing (cropping, color correction) is standard but complex editing like removing backgrounds raises costs. Factor in product photography pricing.
  1. Licensing needs- More expansive usage rights for product images may increase product photography pricing. Define the scope of the license.

Clearly communicate your product specs, image needs, licensing terms, timelines, and budget. With a detailed brief, the photography studio can provide an accurate fixed-price quote tailored to your eCommerce photography project that is aligned with market product photography pricing standards.

Careful planning and cost estimation on both sides sets the stage for an optimized, high-value shoot. For product images that grab customer attention and directly drive online sales, prioritize and invest in professional eCommerce product photography.

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